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Is the dog you love driving you crazy? Call today, we can help! Customized training for your dog since 2003, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Is the dog you love driving you crazy?  Call today, we can help! Customized training for your dog since 2003, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Private Consultation

A one-on-one evaluation and consultation will put things in the right perspective so you can immediately address your priorities with your dog's behavior.  Training and behavior programs will be customized to meet your goals.  Common consultations I see:


  • Reactivity to new people, places, or things.   This is obviously a big concern and making your life difficult.  The initial focus will be on safety, management and behavior modification.  You'll be surprised how quickly your dog will respond to training in just one lesson; but keep in mind, masking a ' reaction ' is never a long-term fix, and a complete training program is likely to be the most beneficial at getting to the root of the problem and solution.


  • Puppy Power Up:  Start as early as the day you bring your pup home!  One lesson to introduce Puppy Proofing, Housetraining, Don't Jump, Don't Bite, COME, SIT, Go to your Crate, and more!


  • Aggression:  For the dog that protests handling, threatens, growls or bites people or dogs, this is a major problem that is likely to get worse if not addressed.  Safety and obedience are essential first steps.  Immediate goals focus on Pack Leadership skills, obedience problems and identifing behavior modification techniques to begin using.  If your dog has, or has started to, demonstrate aggression, one initial consultation will put you miles ahead of where you are now.  However, this is not a magic wand, and a committment to the treatment program is necessary to restore your relationship and trust with your dog.     


  • Unique situations:  You name it, life will give it to you!  I know that sometimes, for a number of reasons, a one on one evaluation is the best place to start.  If you are unsure which of our training programs is a good fit,  just give me a call and I'd be happy to help.


Private consultations are usually about an hour and a half and are $125.  You may decide to join one of our Training For Life programs, which gives you great results and value for your commitment.  See Training for Life to learn more 



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