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Is the dog you love driving you crazy? Call today, we can help! Customized training for your dog since 2003, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Is the dog you love driving you crazy?  Call today, we can help! Customized training for your dog since 2003, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia


As social animals, your dogs consider your family their ‘pack’, and every pack member has a unique role. The leader of the pack makes decisions and is in charge. If humans don’t clearly establish themselves as Leaders, the dogs will take matters into their own paws, and this is the root of many undesirable behavior problems. Below are examples of how to become Pack Leader, through firm and fair guidance, so that your dog can be a welcome member of the household.



Pack leaders provide 1. Exercise  2. Training and  3. Affection


q      Provide at least a 30 minute walk everyday.  Petting your dog is not exercise!


q      Limit your dog’s freedom indoors - until he earns it through good behavior.


q      All play should be loving and under control, never physically rough


  Do not give affection until you have exercised and trained your dog.  Obedience lessons will teach you and your dog many useful commands to help make your dog a good dog!



Pack leaders have their dogs work to earn food, praise, attention and freedom


q      Have your dog SIT before going outside, before being fed, petted or played with.


  Only provide attention and affection when your dog is calm, not excited.



Pack leaders initiate and end all activities


q     If your dog demands petting, ignore her and walk away. Ask your dog to SIT for petting.


q     Leaders start and stop playtime, putting toys away til next playtime.


q     Go through doors ahead of your dog, don’t let them lead you out of the house.


q     Never chase your dog (they are faster than you anyway!).  Followers come to the leader.


  Provide a safe environment for your dog, so he does not feel scared or have to fend for himself.



Pack leaders control space, and don’t treat dogs as equals


q      Teach your dog to not pull on leash.  The leader leads.


q      Have your dog move out of your way – don’t walk around them.


q      If your dog jumps up, ignore by turning away from him, then tell him to SIT.


q      Do not roughhouse with your dog.


q      Do not allow your dog on the furniture or bed, at least without an invitation.



 Pack leaders set meal schedules


q       People eat first and do not share.


   Dogs should be fed once or twice each day. Pick up the bowl after 15 minutes.


Pack leaders are calm, firm, and fair


q      Keep greeting and departure rituals low-key – you want to leave and arrive to a calm canine.


q      Avoid being overly emotional as this may cause anxiety and destructive behavior.


q      Don’t set your dog up to fail through lack of supervision. Teach your dog, don’t punish


q      Be consistent with your rules and expectations. 


q      Do not yell, or hit your dog. 

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